EBOOK - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering (Thaddeus A. Roppel & Charles A. Gross)

EBOOK - Các nguyên tắc cơ bản của kỹ thuật điện (Thaddeus A. Roppel & Charles A. Gross) - 465

C ontemporary engineering requires that practitioners specialize.There is simply too much to know for any one individual to deal with all of the technical aspects of most engineering projects. Still, real-world engineering problems are almost never neatly divided into mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, and other categories.

Thus, there is a need for all engineers to have at least a basic knowledge of the full spectrum of specialties throughout the engineering profession, not to mention consideration of economics and environmental, political, and social issues. It is paradoxical that while we need an ever-increasing depth of knowledge in our particular field, we also need an ever-broadening general education.


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