EBOOK - Principles of Hydraulic Systems Design 2 Ed (Peter Chapple)

EBOOK - Nguyên lý thiết kế hệ thống thủy lực 2 Ed (Peter Chapple) - 314 Trang.

This is the second edition of the book which was published in 2002. Fluid power systems are manufactured by many organizations for a very wide range of applications, which often embody differing arrangements of components to fulfill a given task. Hydraulic components are manufactured to provide the control functions required for the operation of a wide range of systems and applications. This second edition of the book is structured so as to give an understanding of:

-  The basic types of components, their operational principles and the estimation of their performance in a variety of applications. Component manufacturer diagrams are included to aid the understanding of the mechanical principles involved. This second edition has added a description of the digital control methods for independently operated valves for pumps and motors.
- A resume of the flow processes that occur in hydraulic components.
- A  review of the modeling process for the efficiency of pumps and motors. This second edition includes an analysis for estimating the mechanical loss in a typical hydraulic motor.
- The way in which circuits can be arranged using available components to provide a range of functional system outputs. This includes the analysis and design of closed loop control systems and some applications.
- The analytical methods that are used in system design and the prediction of steady state and dynamic performance in a range of applications. This second edition deals more extensively with the analysis of hydraulic circuits for different types of hydrostatic power transmission systems and their application.
- This second edition also includes a description of the use of international standards in the design and management of hydraulic systems.


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