EBOOK - Chemical Process Safety 2 Ed (Daniel A. Crowl & Joseph F. Louvar)

EBOOK - An toàn trong công nghệ hóa học 2 Ed (Daniel A. Crowl & Joseph F. Louvar) - 650 Trang.

This second edition of Chemical Process Safety is designed to enhance the process of teaching and applying the fundamentals of chemical process safety. It is appropriate for an industrial reference, a senior level undergraduate course, or a graduate course in chemical process safety. It can be used by anyone interested in improving chemical process safety, including chemical and mechanical engineers and chemists.

More material is presented than can be accommodated in a 3-credit course, providing instructors with the opportunity to emphasize their topics of interest. The primary objective of this textbook is to encapsulate the important technical fundamentals of chemical process safety. The emphasis on the fundamentals will help the student and practicing scientist to understand the concepts and apply them accordingly. This application requires a significant quantity of fundamental knowledge and technology.
The second edition has been rewritten to include new process safety technology and new references that have appeared since the first edition was published in 1990. It also includes our combined experiences of teaching process safety in both industry and academia during the past 10 years.


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