EBOOK - Fundamentals of Thermal Fluid Sciences 5 Ed (Yunus A Cengel)

EBOOK - Nguyên lý cơ bản về khoa học nhiệt chất lỏng 5 Ed (Yunus A Cengel) - 1089 Trang.

This text is an abbreviated version of standard thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer texts, covering topics that engineering students are most likely to need in their professional lives. The thermodynamics portion of this text is based on the text Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach by Y. A. Çengel and M. A. Boles, the fluid mechanics portion is based on Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applicationsby Y. A. Çengel and J. M. Cimbala, and the heat transfer portion is based on Heat Transfer: A Practical Approach by Y. A. Çengel, all published by McGraw-Hill. Most chapters are practically independent of each other and can be covered in any order. The text is well suited for curriculums that have a common introductory course or a two-course sequence on thermal-fluid sciences.

It is recognized that all topics of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer cannot be covered adequately in a typical three-semester-hour course, and therefore, sacrifices must be made from depth if not from the breadth. Selecting the right topics and finding the proper level of depth and breadth are no small challenge for the instructors, and this text is intended to serve as the ground for such selection. Students in a combined thermal-fluids course can gain a basic understanding of energy and energy interactions, various mechanisms of heat transfer, and fundamentals of fluid flow. Such a course can also instill in students the confidence and the background to do further reading of their own and to be able to communicate effectively with specialists in thermal-fluid sciences.


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