Honda is the most dominant company in the Vietnamese motorcycle market. Since it entered to this market, its products have been loved by Vietnamese people, and most Vietnamese have an experience to use a Honda’s motorcycle in their life. However, Honda currently faces the huge problem: market saturation. As a result, there is a necessity to find a new way to overcome this problem.

Through this report, we firstly analyze current market situation from macro and micro views. Then, we provide SWOT analysis for Honda in Vietnam. We found several problems Honda currently possesses, and also found several opportunities that would contribute to its further growth. Based on our analysis, we suggest three recommendations for the marketing activities of SHi 125/150; market development for high-income segment; market development for foreigners; and the extension of customer services. Finally, we briefly mention in the problem Honda faces: the recall of SHi 125/150 and provide considerable solutions for it. We hope our research and recommendation would be helpful to promote the sales of SHi 125/150 in next year.


Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
The product – SHi 125/150 6
Microenvironment 9
Company 9
Suppliers 15
Competitors 16
Publics 19
Customers 22
Macroenvironment 24
Demographic factor 24
Economic factor 27
Natural factor 32
Technological factor 33
Political factor 34
Cultural factor 35
SWOT Analysis 36
Recommendations 41
Market development for high-income segment 42
Market development for foreigners 44
The extension of customer services 50
The problem of recall for SHi 125/150 52
References 55


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