EBOOK - Complete Guide to Indoor Gardening (Jenny Raworth & Val Bradley)

EBOOK - Tài liệu hướng dẫn làm vườn trong nhà (Jenny Raworth & Val Bradley) - 186 Trang.

This inspiring, practical guide, including 400 full-color photographs and illustrations, helps you choose the right plant for the right place and create wonderful displays of plants in your home.There is comprehensive, easy-to-follow advice on caring for flowering and foliage plants from selecting, watering, and feeding to potting, propagation, and pruning.The A to Z plant directory provides an up-to-date listing of the 150 best houseplants from bromeliads and bulbs to cacti, ferns, and orchids with information on providing the right growing conditions.For first-time or experienced indoor gardeners, this guide is indispensable.


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