EBOOK - Sensors and Actuators Engineering System Instrumentation 2nd Edition (Clarence W. de Silva)

EBOOK - Cảm biến và thiết bị truyền động trong hệ thống đo lường (Clarence W. de Silva) - 831 Trang.

This is an introductory book on the instrumentation of engineering systems, with an emphasis on sensors, transducers, and actuators. Specifically, the book deals with instrumentingan engineering system through the incorporation of suitable sensors, actuators, and associated interface hardware. It will serve as both a textbook for engineering students and a reference book for practicing professionals. As a textbook, it is suitable for courses in control system instrumentation, sensors and actuators, instrumentation of engineering systems, and mechatronics.

The book has adequate material for two 14-week courses, one at the junior (third-year undergraduate) or senior (fourth-year undergraduate) level and the other at the first-year graduate level. In view of the practical considerations, design issues, and industrial techniques that are presented throughout the book, and in view of the simplified and snapshot style presentation of more advanced theory and concepts, the book will serve as a useful reference tool for engineers, technicians, project managers, and other practicing professionals in industry and in research laboratories in the fields of control engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, manufacturing engineering, aerospace engineering, and mechatronics.


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