EBOOK - Practical Hydraulic Systems - Operation and Troubleshooting for Engineers and Technicians (Ravi Doddannavan & Andries Barnard)

EBOOK - Thực hành Hệ thống thủy lực - Vận hành và khắc phục sự cố cho kỹ sư và kỹ thuật viên (Ravi Doddannavan & Andries Barnard) - 232 Trang.

Whatever your hydraulic applications, Practical Hydraulic Systems: Operation & Troubleshooting For Engineers & Technicians will help you to increase your knowledge of the fundamentals, improve your maintenance programs and become an excellent troubleshooter of problems in this area.

Cutaways of all major components are included in the book to visually demonstrate the components' construction and operation. Developing an understanding of how it works leads to an understanding of how and why it fails. Multimedia views of the equipment are shown, to give as realistic a view of hydraulic systems as possible.
The book is highly practical, comprehensive and interactive. It discusses Hydraulic Systems construction, design applications, operations, maintenance, and management issues and provides you with the most up-to-date information and Best Practice in dealing with the subject.

* A focus on maintenance and troubleshooting makes this book essential reading for practising engineers.
* Written to cover the requirements of mechanical / industrial and civil engineering.
* Cutaway diagrams demonstrate the construction and operation of key equipment.


1  Introduction  to hydraulics  1
2  Pressure and fl ow  16
3  Hydraul ic pumps  37
4  Hydraul ic motors  69
5  Hydraul ic cylinders  83
6  Control components i n a hydraulic syst em  93
7  Hydraul ic accessories  132
8  Hydraul ic fluids  167
9  Applications  of hydraul ic systems  175
10  Hydraul ic circuit design and analysis  181
11  Maint enance and troubl eshooting  190


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