EBOOK - Corporate Governance Manual, Second Edition

     This manual provides executives, and shareholders of Vietnamese public companies with a comprehensive summary of the corporate governance framework and practices prevalent in Vietnam today, and a practical toolkit designed to help implement good governance in practice. It provides readers with: 

1) an overview of the legislative and regulatory requirements related to corporate governance and internationally recognized corporate governance principles

2) recommendations on how to fulfill the governance obligations of public and listed companies

3) practical examples of how corporate governance standards can be implemented, and guidance for executives and directors in meeting their obligations with respect to the governance of the enterprise

4) general outlines of authorities, obligations, and procedures of the governing bodies of public and listed companies.

      This manual also provides government officials, lawyers, judges, investors and others with a framework for assessing the level of corporate governance practices in Vietnamese companies. Finally, it serves as a reference tool for educational institutions that will train the next generation of Vietnamese managers, investors, and policy makers on good corporate 

Table of Contents

Corporate  Governance - Manual
CHAPTER 1: An Introduction To Corporate Governance 1
CHAPTER 2 : The General Governance Structure of a Company
CHAPTER 3: The Internal Corporate Documents
CHAPTER 4: The Board of Directors
CHAPTER 5: The Executive Bodies
CHAPTER 6: The Role of the Corporate Secretary
CHAPTER 7: An Introduction to Shareholder Rights
CHAPTER 8: The General Meeting of Shareholders
CHAPTER 9: Corporate Governance Implications of the Charter Capital
CHAPTER 10: Dividends
CHAPTER 11: Corporate Governance Implications of Corporate Securities
CHAPTER 12: Material Corporate Transactions
CHAPTER 13: Information Disclosure
CHAPTER 14: Control and Audit Procedures


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