EBOOK - Electrical Machines and Drives - Work Examples - 2 Ed (John Hindmarsh)

THE response to the first edition included a suggestion that the final section on simulation was somewhat limited in scope. This topic really requires a separate text to deal in depth with such a wide-ranging subject. Nevertheless, an attempt has been made in the present edition to augment the introductory treatment so that with sufficient interest, extensive simulations could be undertaken on the basis of the material given.

Although this is really tending towards project or even long-term post-graduate work, requiring substantial computer-program development, its immediate importance is in the facility it provides to display computed performance, especially of power-electronic/machine circuits, which should give a better understanding of their special features. The author gratefully acknowledges permission to use the computational facilities at UMIST for this purpose. There are other changes in the text to include reference for example to unbalanced operation, permanent-magnet machines and the universal motor.

Also, the additional worked examples and tutorial examples should ensure that the rather wide topic of Electrical Drives is given sufficiently comprehensive coverage. Overall, the intention is to support the suggestion of teaching the subject by means of worked examples, after due preparation on the basic equations and with discussion of the problems and solutions.


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