EBOOK - Practical Electronics for Inventors 4th Edition (Paul Scherz & Simon Monk)

EBOOK - Điện tử thực hành cho nhà phát minh Phiên bản thứ 4 (Paul Scherz & Simon Monk)

Advance your electronics knowledge and gain the skills necessary to develop and construct your own functioning gadgets. Written by a pair of experienced engineers and dedicated hobbyists, Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition, lays out the essentials and provides step by step instructions, schematics, and illustrations. Discover how to select the right components, design and build circuits, use microcontrollers and ICs, work with the latest software tools, and test and tweak your creations. This easy to follow book features new instruction on programmable logic, semiconductors, operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, power supplies, digital electronics, and more.
Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition, covers:

Resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers
Diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits
Optoelectronics, solar cells, and phototransistors
Sensors, GPS modules, and touch screens
Op amps, regulators, and power supplies
Digital electronics, LCD displays, and logic gates
Microcontrollers and prototyping platforms
Combinational and sequential programmable logic
DC motors, RC servos, and stepper motors
Microphones, audio amps, and speakers
Modular electronics and prototypes



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