Sử dụng các hoạt động và trò chơi từ vựng ngắn nhằm tăng hứng thú học đọc cho học sinh lớp 11

For the completion of this study, I have been fortunate to receive invaluable contributions from many people.
 First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my supervisor, M.A. Nguyen Thi Bich Hien, for her absolutely indispensable assistance, excellent suggestions, expert advice and detail critical comments, without which the study would not have been complete.
I would also like to give my sincere thanks to all my teachers from the Foreign Languages Department of Vinh University for their lectures and advice which are very useful for me to finish this study.

I am fully grateful to the help of all the teachers and students at Cua Lo I High School so that I could finish the survey for my study.
I also wish to thank my family and all my friends for their various kinds of help and encouragement.
Finally, I am all too aware that despite all the advice and assistance with all my attempts, I feel that the study is far from perfect; it is my sole responsibility for any inadequacies and shortcomings that the study may be considered to have. Therefore, I would like to receive any regard and comment from you on my study.


PART I     INTRODUCTION 1                                                                                                                     
1. Reasons for Choosing the Study 1                                                                 
2. Aims and Objectives of the Study 2
3. Research Questions 2                                                                                                                                                                                     
4. Methods of the Study 2
5. Scope of the Study 3                                                                                     
6. Design of the Study 3                                                                                       
PART II     DEVELOPMENT 4                                                           
1.1. Reading Skill 4                                                                                               
1.1.1. Definitions of Reading 4                                                                               
1.1.2. The Importance of Reading
1.1.3. Principles for Teaching Reading in a
                                         Communicative Language Teaching Classroom
1.1.4. Stages of Teaching a Reading Text 7
1.2. Motivation 8                                                                                           
1.3. Vocabulary 9                                                                                                                               
1.3.1. Definitions 9
1.3.2 The Importance of Vocabulary 10
1.4. The Relationship between Vocabulary and Reading Skill 11                                                                                                     
1.5. Teaching Vocabulary in Communicative Language Teaching 13
1.5.1. Principles for Teaching Vocabulary 13
1.5.2. Steps for Teaching Vocabulary 14
1.6. Short Vocabulary Games and Activities 15
1.6.1. Definitions 15
1.6.2. Why to Use Short Vocabulary Games and Activities 16
1.6.3. Common Types of Short Vocabulary Games and Activities
                                              Used in Reading Lessons...................................................16
1.7. Summary 18 
2.1. Overview of the Survey 20
2.1.1. Aims of the Survey 20
2.1.2. Description of the Survey 20
2.2. Survey Result and Data Analysis 21
2.2.1. What are the Attitudes of Students and Teachers at Cua Lo I High School towards English Reading Skill and Short Vocabulary Games and Activities? 21
2.2.2. What is the Real Situation of Using Short Vocabulary Games and Activities in the English Reading Lessons for the 11th Form Students at Cua Lo I High School? 26
2.3. Summary 29

CHAPTER 3: SUGGESTIONS FOR USING SHORT VOCABULARY GAMES AND ACTIVITIES TO INCREASE 11TH FORM STUDENTS’ INTEREST IN LEARNING ENGLISH READING SKILL 31                                                                                                       
3.1. Some Recommendations for Using Short Vocabulary Games and Activities in the English Reading Lessons.................................................................................................31
3.2. Suggested Short Vocabulary Games and Activities to Increase
                  11th Form Students’ Interest in Learning English Reading Skill 32                                                                         
3.2.1. Lucky Picture 33                                                                                                 
3.2.2. Letter Chains 35                                                                                   
3.2.3. Completing Network 35                                                                                             
3.2.4. Crossword 36                                                                                                                                                                                                       
3.2.5. Pantomime 38                                                                                     
3.2.6. What do I Have? 39 
3.2.7. Listen to a Song and Guessing the Missing Words 39 
3.2.8. Finding the Differences 40
3.2.9. Finding Partner 41
PART III     CONCLUSION 43                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
3.1. Recapitulation 43                                                                                               
3.2. Suggestions for Further Studies 43                                                                   
Appendix 1

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