EBOOK - The ABC of Copywriting (Tom Albrighton)


This ebook contains the distilled knowledge that I’ve gained during my fifteen years as a professional writer and editor, spent in publishing houses, design studios and serving dozens of commercial and agency clients as a freelance copywriter. 

I’ve aimed to cover every important aspect of the copywriter’s craft. Beginning with the essentials, I work through some of the most important elements of every piece of copy through to sophisticated psychological techniques to make your writing as powerful and persuasive as possible. 

Some sections focus on particular elements of the materials that copywriters work on, such as headlines, case studies and calls to action. 

Others discuss useful techniques that you can apply almost anywhere, such as conversational language, selling with USPs and exploiting the audience’s built-in decision biases. 

I hope you enjoy this book and wish you every success with your writing. And I’d love to hear what you think – so do email me your comments, both positive and negative, at tom@abccopywriting.com.



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