TÀI LIỆU HƯỚNG DẪN LẮP ĐẶT - MINI VRFDC Variable Frequency OutdoorUnit - Installation Manual

2.1  Arrival of goods and open-case inspection

1) When  receiving  the  machine,  check  if  there  is  any  damage  in  transportation.  If  any  surface  or  internal  damage  is  found,  please  inform  the 

transportation agency in a written form.

2) After receiving the machine, check if the type, specification and quantity of the machine conform to the contract.

3) When unpacking the product, please keep the Manual well and check all accessories.

2.2 Refrigerant pipe

1) The refrigerant pipe must be installed by the special refrigerant distributor made by our company (purchase). 

2) The refrigerant pipe must use the pipe with specified diameter and wall thickness.

3) The welding of the copper pipe must be performed with nitrogen-filled protection. Before welding, the copper pipe must be filled with the nitrogen of 20.2kgf/cm .  After welding, the nitrogen must be cut off until the copper pipe is thoroughly cooled down.

4) The refrigerant pipe must be treated with thermal insulation.

5) After the refrigerant pipe is installed and before the air tightness test and vacuumization are performed, the indoor unit cannot be power-on.

2.3 Air tightness test2

After the  refrigerant  pipe is  installed,  nitrogen of 40kgf/cm   (4.0MPa)  must be filled  from  the  gas side and liquid  side simultaneously for  24-hour air 

tightness test.

2.4 V acuumizing

After the air tightness test, vacuumization (-0.1MPa) must be performed from both the gas side and the liquid side simultaneously.

2.5 Refilling of refrigerant

1) The  refilling  volume  of  refrigerant  is  calculated  by  the  diameter  and  length  (actual  length)  of  the  pipe  at  the  liquid  sides  of  the  indoor  and  outdoor 


2) The refilling  volume of refrigerant,  diameter and  length  (actual  length)  of liquid  pipe, and  height difference  of the  indoor  and  outdoor units shall  be 

recorded into the use confirmation table of the outdoor unit (on the cover plate of electronic control box) for future reference.

2.6 Electrical wiring

1) The  power  supply  capacity  and  wire  diameter  shall  be  selected  according  to  the  design  manual. Generally,  the  power  line  of  the  air  conditioner  is 

thicker than that of the motor .

2) To prevent misoperation of the  air-conditioner,  don't interlace  or wind the  power line  (220-240V -/380V  3N-) with the  connecting wires (low-voltage 

wires) of the indoor and outdoor units.

3) The indoor unit is power-on after air tightness test and vacuumization.

2.7 Trial Run

1) Trial run cannot be performed until the outdoor unit is power-on for more than 12 hours, or the system may be damaged.



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