In-service Condition Monitoring of Turbine Oils - Giám sát mẫu dầu Tuabin (Girish Kamal)


Turbine  oil  analysis  is  one  of  the  most  commonly  applied predictive-maintenance  technologies  in  today’s  combinedcycle/cogen  plant.  For  good  reasons,  the  technology  can provide  operators  with  early  indications  of  abnormal  wear, corrosion  or contamination occurring in  such  vital equipment. 

This is becoming even more important as turbines are built with longer and larger  shafts  and  are operating  under  greater loads and  at  higher  working  temperatures  with  decreasing  oil reservoir  volumes.  Oil  analysis  can  also  help  operators  assess the oil’s chemistry and physical  characteristics  to determine its suitability for continued use.



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