Development of Inherently Antibacterial, Biodegradable, and Biologically Active Chitosan


Developing a new family of hydrogel-based wound dressings that could have a dual biofunctionality of antibacterial and biological responses is highly desirable. In this study, an inherently effective antibacterial and biodegradable hydrogel dressing without the need for impregnated antibiotics was designed, synthesized, characterized, and examined for its effect

on macrophages, which initiated inflammatory activity and activated both NO and TNF-αproduction for the purpose of achieving a better and faster wound healing. The purposes of this research was to develop a novel family of cationic biodegradable hydrogels based on arginine-based poly(ester urea urethane) (ArgPEUU) and glycidyl methacrylate-modified chitosan (CS-GMA) that has both inherent antibacterial and bioactive functionality as a wound healing dressing for accelerated healing of contaminated or infected wounds. 



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