Dec 15, 2017

EBOOK - Brake Handbook (Fred Puhn)

EBOOK - Cẩm nang hệ thống phanh xe (Fred Phun) - 178 Trang.

Going over 55 mph. If an emergency were to happen, the resulting chain-reaction braking would result in some drivers locking the wheels.
Most of us only think about brakes when a panic stop occurs ahead in traffic and all we see are brakelights and the undersides of cars. These near emergencies illustrate how important brakes are to our safety. Brakes are also a vital part of high performance, as any racer can tell you.
Because everyone wants higher performance and safety, brakes deserve a great deal of attention. We not only want our car to go fast, but it should also stop quickly and safely. Any car with powerful and consistent brakes instills confidence.

1 Basics .
2 Drum Brakes
3 Disc Brakes
4 Friction Material .
5 Hydraulic Systems .
6 Brake Pedals & Linkages .
7 Power Assist  77
8 Other Types of Brakes ..
9 High-Performance Brakes
10 Testing
11  Maintenance 
12 Modifications  137


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