May 9, 2017

EBOOK - Heat Transfer Calculations (Myer Kutz)

EBOOK - Tính toán truyền nhiệt - Tác giả: Myer Kutz (727 Trang).

Heat-Transfer Calculationsopens with eight brief industrial heat-transfer calculations. While they are short, especially when compared to the calculations that make up the bulk of this handbook, these opening calculations are not trivial. And they deal with real life, which is the hallmark of the calculations throughout the book:
- Achemical processing technology that needs a thinner liquid film coating for better adhesive properties of a new product
- Anew passive method of cooling an electronic assembly that uses a closed-loop thermosyphon

- During casting of an industrial metal component, a more efficient gating and risering system that minimizes the amount of metal poured to produce a good casting
- Afurnace wall in a coal-fired power plant.
- Areinforced-concrete smokestack that must be lined with a refractory on the inside
- Thecondenser in a large steam power plant.
- Theduct of an air conditioning plant.
- Aconcentric tube heat exchanger with specified operating conditions.


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